Tuesday, March 4, 2014

We didn't forget!

Did you think we forgot about you?! NEVER! We've been working hard brainstorming and getting feedback to make sure that we offer exactly what you would expect! Well, the good news is ...we're so close! 

Let me tell you what we've been doing. We've been planning and networking to try to find as many connections as we can to offer to our preferred members to help them stay at the top of their games, working in coordination with printers, marketers, event planners, videographers, photographers and more to get our members quality, discounted services. 

We've also been crunching the numbers to find out how we can offer all of the events and marketing we can while making it affordable for the small locally owned businesses in the Tri-State. Local businesses will be able to sign their membership agreements as early as next week!

We have also planned a series of events including a Wellness Expo and a Summer Bash that will bring business and community together! Other events in the works are of course our 2nd annual Shopapalooza and other holiday events as well as networking events and social mixers!! 

That's right ladies and gents, we are on a roll!!! 

We're still accepting referrals for our preferred member's listing as well as parties interested in advertising or sponsorship. Get more information by e-mailing us at contactcincylocal@gmail.com

We can't wait to start unveiling all of the great stuff we have planned and we truly hope you'll stick with us while we do :)

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