Friday, November 29, 2013

Bella Vi

If you haven't noticed before but we are very open about our partnerships and the relationships that we develop. I know I've plugged them before and I'll do it again  because when I develop a quality relationship I am appreciative and I will share with the world.
One of those relationships came with a company known as Bella Vi, Marketing, Events and Promotions.

This team of girls, better known as, "The Bellas," works one on one with each of their clients to listen and understand your dreams and all that you want to achieve. Whether it be starting a business or planning an event they should be your first call. They're energy and passion will be close enough to your own you'll forget you hired them and begin to think of them as a truly valuable partnership the same way that we have. 

Seriously, they've built our entire website on such short notice and have been amazing, although, I'm not sure they sleep. They're dedicated to each client and their visions and work to make them real. We'll also be using them to plan our future events, so watch out because you'll be seeing those pop up soon. Bella Vi has a variety of connections around the area as well so we've met a lot of great contacts and a few valuable partnerships.

Please check out Bella Vi and give their FACEBOOK PAGE a "LIKE"make sure you tell them that Cincy Local sent ya!!! We love the Bella's!

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