Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Because you asked...

I know a lot of businesses say, "We want to hear from you," and "Your feedback is valuable," but Cincy Local is different. No, really, hear me out. The fact is we really do want to hear from you and your input really is important! Most of our events are done at the request or suggestion of one of our friends! 

Occasionally, we ask our friends what they want to see and they responded with a variety of answers. Some of which we're currently working on right now.

One of Facebook friend's emailed us and said he would like to see more events promoting a healthy lifestyle and asked if we would be able to compete with all the McDonald's chains popping up everywhere. We have a lot of great events planned through LA Fitness planned to support Health and Wellness and provide a lot of information and resources in regards to your overall health. Sadly, we cannot host these events in the McDonald's drive-thru so you'll have to just say, no.

We received a suggestion to host a large yard sale event, similar to the massive one's you tend to hear about on the radio. We took that suggestion and enhanced upon it. Typically garage sales will run through the summer and die out at the end of August and everyone will put the stuff back into their garage's for next year. Not this year! We will be hosting a huge comm

unity yard sale at the end of the summer, August 23rd, and we want you to come out and sell the last of your stuff. Everything that isn't sold has the option to be donated so you don't have to take anything home! Just email us to hold your spot or reserve it here. (No vendors please)

We want to offer some family-friendly options for summer activity so we will also be holding and End of Summer Bash on August 23rd. We're still working out all the details but I know it will be fun! 

We were contacted by one of our friends and asked if we would do a fundraiser for the troops. Our response? Of course!!! We're in the planning stages of a great comedy show/benefit for the troops so mark your calendars for August 30th and stay tuned!

We even sponsored an adult kickball league taking place at CCAA, Inc. this summer. Stop on our to support the team if you'd like. Games start Saturday evening, June 28th!

We've turned it into a busy summer! 

We really do consider all of our requests and suggestions. We aim to support local businesses/non-profits so if you have an event idea or request please let us know. In our partnership with Bella Vi, we can make just about anything happen. Please feel free to email us with your ideas and suggestions. We love them!

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